• Discover The World on your own way

    Find your freedom. Test it out and move on to your next destination. With products Vriezz provides, a modern active outdoor knows no limits.

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  • Out of love for nature

    Vriezz Trading is the exclusive agency of high-quality brands for hunting, outdoor, military and law enforcement agencies. Essential for the outdoors.

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  • craftmanship vs Innovation

    Due to our excellent understanding of quality we only represent the best brand, of Scandinavian origin and quality. Always authentic, original and innovative.

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  • Wherever you go

    Our brands create freedom as a matter of course. Go back to basics and create your own freedom wherever that is. Original and honest. The possibilities are endless.

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About Vriezz Trading

By already knowing high quality brands since 2007, Vriezz Trading offers an internationally modernized image on the outdoor world. Providing support for outdoor, hunting, angling and dog sport is something that has become normal for Vriezz. Craftsmanship and innovation go hand in hand, we like that.

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A modern and active outdoor life knows no bounds for us.
We enter into partnerships. See the world through your eyes. Are always looking for the unknown.
To originality and top quality. The possibilities are limitless.




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